Making A Watch Dog Of Your Dog

Home security is not to be joked with these days. Having a  watch dog can serve as an extra advantage in securing your property. But if you don’t have a watch dog don’t despair. You can make a watch dog of your dog.

Turning your dog into a watch dog is not as difficult as a lot of people think. Believe me, it’s all about knowing the right things to do.

If you are serious about making a watch dog of your dog, you have to be ready to spend time to train your dog and be patient enough to let your dog learn things the best way possible.  Like in any other form of training, the use of positive reinforcements is very important to your dog’s quick and easy transformation from play dog to watch dog.

Using positive reinforcements helps to let your dog trust you and always be eager to please you. When you are training your dog to be a watch dog, make sure you consistently reward the dog for any thing the dog does right in accordance with your instructions.

One of the important things your dog needs to learn to make it more useful for security purposes is barking and keeping quiet on cue. If you can get your dog to bark and keep quiet on cue, you are halfway to making a watch dog of your dog. How do you go about doing this? Use a distinct sound like a clicker or  a word to instruct your dog and reward her when she gets it right. Remember consistency and repetition is the key.

You also need to teach your dog to be able to differentiate between normal sounds and unwanted disturbances or intruders. Familiarization is the key, make your dog familiar with the normal sounds and keep it quiet when such sounds occur but make sure it barks fiercely when the unwanted disturbances or sound of possible intruders come up. If you can do all these successfully and repeatedly you will be able to transform your dog from an ordinary dog to a trustworthy watch dog.